Guru Shishya Parampara

At CIPL it was imperative that we create a model which is unique and accomodative of the social objectives of the project. The Institute and its programmes are being conducted in the Gurukul format, modeled on the Kautilya Arthashastra.

This format enjoys several advantages over the conventional models:

  • Merit of the student will be the only criterion to receive knowledge and 'No Fee'stucture will relieve the students from the burden of seeking a return on the investment made to undertake the course
  • The model will give society value-based and spiritually grounded leaders
  • The model of imparting state of the art knowledge, unconditionally, will be a demonstrated act of selflessness for students to imbibe (Arthashastra demonstrated)
  • The students would revere the knowledge received from an Institute which is not created for profiteering
  • Institute's alumni would be bonded to their alma mater through an unseen umbilical cord
  • The emphasis thus is to build a self sustaining institution of 'character' and not just reputation



The CIPL courses would cater to the following segments of the political system:

  • Aspiring public leaders
  • Existing public leaders
  • Members of existing political parties
  • Students and researchers of governance (domestic as well as international)