Indian Model of Good Governance

At a conservative estimate there are close to a million people in India who are directly associated with the political field at various levels and are aspiring to be leaders. However it has been generally noted that these people are not trained for public life and more often than not learn the job ‘on the job’. An entry into public life is either as a family legacy or by default.

This has meant that the field of Governance has not been able to attract the best talent and has resulted in the malaise that afflicts the political system today. There are hardly any training schools and programmes of governance which offer a solution to this problem. The polity presides over the fate of the nation since it sits on top of the governance pyramid (see diagram below) and hence it is imperative that the best talent mans it.

Thus modelling the training programme based on insights from the Kautiliya Arthashastra can create a governance system that boasts of ‘Intuitive Leaders’ with true Indian values instilled in them.